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 Commodore 64, the machine that enchanted the world with its 16 color grafix, sprites and mono sonics keeps quite a portion of my heart. For me, C64 is synonymous to my childhood and teens :) I got my C64 late in the scene. In 1989 actually and it existed back in 1981!!! heheheheehehee I remember me and my bro huntin for a PC XT machine which we can afford in our budget and veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery fortunately, we didn't find any heheheheehe I used to be a member at the Lahore Children Complex and actually had my first personal confrontation with a computer there. They used to keep PCs which no one cared about and BBC micros which I adored and was the only kid there to actually program it while the others only used to play games. I remember the lab attendant letting me stay there for hours watching me program :) Just in those days the C64 educational pack hit Pakistan by storm and one day when I was at my friend Baqar's house, my bro called and told me that he has bought a C64 educational pack. I rushed home and there it was.... the computer that changed my life completely and put me on the track of computermania!! It came with a C2N (Cassette Recorder storage device), a joystick that I broke in a week, a T-shirt that didn't fit anybody, 10 educational programs and the usual power supply and cables. My bro got it from Micro-Inn Liberty Mkt. Lahore and the same day got me more programs (games!). It was great!! I used to buy a lot of C64 mags from flea markets like Ahoy, Compute's Gazette, Commodore User, Commodore Computing International and of course Zzap 64 whose name was later changed to Commodore Force!!! C64 was the greatest machine ever built!!! Its games were different. Programmers only had 16 colors, 1Mhz computing power and 8 on-screen sprites but the programmers in those days were PROGRAMMERS who actually cared about the user, who actually managed to run their original ideas within the restrictions and produce superlative games. Not like these dumb PCs where u never get enuff Ram or processor power. btw I HATE PCs, INTEL CHIPS, MICROSOFT BUG-RIDDEN PROGRAMS AND EVERYTHING RELATED TO PCs :( Games today are filled to the brim with colors, digitized stuff and great rock tracks but heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey where the **** is the gameplay!?!?!?!? Anyway I got my subscription to ZZap64/Commodore Force and Commodore Format through my bro and over the years bought almost every good software for C64 and still have it with me. heheheehehee and its all on floppies and it still work 100%, not like these silly PCs :( I later bought a lot of other hardware like a thousand joysticks, Action replay MKVI cartridge and a 1541 drive!!! I really got good at programming and enjoyed doin that which actually laid my foundation stone to program for a living hehehehehehe I started pirating games and hacking/cracking new games coming from Europe where the C64 scene was always hot and still is!!! I got into the C64 scene late but soon took over the past and stayed with C64 till the very end when the last major release on C64 'Mayhem in Monsterland' was released. I still have my C64 equipment and anybody who needs any software new/old should contact me. btw also download the C64 emulator!!! it really revives the C64!! I can go on all day, bragging how good the days were with my C64 but ooooooooooohhhh who wants to listen :( Anyway, I miss the C64 scene a lot, the software, the mags (3 of my letters were printed in ZZap 64/Commodore Force too), the people, the cycling to outlets to get games. hehehehehee my room is still upto the brim with C64 games posters :) I cant name the games that I liked as there were hundreds but These are some programmers/musicians I really liked:

Manfred Trenz Apex (Steve/John Rowlands) Andrew Braybrook
Maniacs of Noise (Jeroen Tel) Chris Huelsbeck Chris Butler
Rob Hubbard System 3 Team Tim Follin
Martin Galway Martin Walker Sensible Soft
Matthew Cannon Visual FX (Mark Kelly/Steve Crow) Denton Design
Epyx Team Jeff Minter Ocean Team