My lifecycle thru pictures


Viola!!! so here r the most recent pics I have of myself.... well, heheheheehe these r like quick snaps so dun expect me to b in my best times in every pic okaaaay? and if ya think me mugshots r ugly.... frankly shithead, I dun give a damn!!! :)


That's me!!! errrrr..... I used tah be like that when I was 2 months old :) C my love for ladies was flourishing even then!

And that's how I was when I was 2!!! Maaaaaaaaaan I was gangy!!! and cute at the same time.... chics used to go ga-ga over me even then!!!

Yeah.... Keeeewl... as Ice... here I am playing hard to get ;) Dammit I'm sooooooo cute... I'm a KILLER!

My first day at school, even then I used tah travel in expensive cars and carry a million dollars in my self destructing briefcase!

Now that I'm grown up, I'm still as cute!! My 1997 vacation at Chitral & Murree... this is Murree btw :)

Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeewl....... at the Rawalpindi Railway station just after I robbed the train and escaped with the loot in the bag!

Now that's the place I like! Moi cabin at Expert Systems & I'm errrr (Ahem!) Working!! The Buddha Poster in front, keeps reminding me of the 'Lunch Hour'!!

Me Cozin Shami , Moi with a errrr tennis ball and me bro Yaser.... No need tah tell me who's the best-looking guy!!! THAT'S ME!!! ONLY ME! ME! ME!! MEEE!!!


Ok.... ok... hold on girls..... If u'r desperate for more pics O' mine... Email me to get a 50+ image album archive including these and other private sessions of moi!! C me fallin from the Empire state building... having a date with Cindy Crawford, In bed with Alicia Silverstone.... errrrr... ok...ok... so the last one was a bit too far-fetched!! :)