Demon-cracy in Pakistan!

Thu, Sep 4, 2008
Demon-cracy in Pakistan!

Thu, Sep 4, 2008: I have to interrupt the regular rant with an emergency talk about `democracy`!
There are a lot out there... who have pretty much given up hope and have become silent observers. Before the elections, anyone I told I was against holding elections would look at me in disgust. Now the reasons are becoming clear. Suddenly it is `cool` and `in-thing` to support democracy by the so called `educated` class of Pakistan, when unfortunately, they don't know the very basics of a democratic system.
Until us Pakistanis change ourselves, our attitudes, our vision, and equip ourselves with the truth and knowledge.... we will always have corrupt plundering rulers.
Pakistani leaders who are like minded with the majority here are corrupt and uneducated.... as majority of Pakistanis are corrupt and uneducated and the rulers only come of this majority of Pakistanis. This defeats the whole purpose of elections and democracy where corrupt and uneducated people will bring up corrupt and uneducated rulers. Why I supported Musharaf was this same reason. We need someone who is different from the majority. He may not be the `Awam ki Awaz`, he was still better than any of these idiotic `democratic` leaders.
Things have now started to become clear with the performance of this government since elections. Now they can all blame the `previous` government for their own wrong doings.... but for how long? Governing is a JOB! like any other. When you are getting into it, presenting your inflated mandate, you already KNOW what you are getting into. Once in and you CANNOT start blaming the previous person. You need to show results. Just like ANY OTHER JOB! I cant imagine joining a new office knowing a project is in shambles and make it more miserable after 3 months and start blaming the previous developer! ITS COMMON SENSE!
Oh and as for the constitution... I say abolish it and start afresh! But who will do that? The majority? or a whimsical person not too popular in the public?
That is why I dont support democracy in Pakistan. That is why I support Musharaf. That is why I am against PPP and PMLN or any other political party. I think the mistake that Musharaf made was to mix dictatorship with democracy. He was better off on his own without letting any democratic party in, and with imposing a strict martial law.

What is wrong with Pakistan?

Wed, Aug 27, 2008
What is wrong with Pakistan?

Wed, Aug 27, 2008: That is the million dollar (how much in rupees) question. I have been asking this ever since I landed on this god-forsaken place. I am sure most of the Pakistanis ask the same question to themselves everyday. I have given this a lot of thought over the years. I have experinced many things. What makes me different than 20 Million other Pakistanis you ask? I think I am less bias as traditions, religion, culture mean nothing to me and freedom, objectiveness, education, knowledge means everything.
Since the last couple of years, Pakistan has had more than its fair share of problems. I have been a supporter of Musharaf's regime. I will say I do not see him as an idol but seing the rest of the tried and tested baboons in Pakistan politics and seeing the circumstances, I still believe he should be the best option.
Yes, I do think an average Pakistani is un-eduated (degrees from Pakistan dont mean anything), naive, unintelligent and conspiracy theory lover. Average Pakistani is also a sadist, masochist, psycho!
The problem with pakistan lies with itself. A country is not about the vacant land. Its the people who make the country and sadly, Pakistanis themselves are not sincere with this piece of land. Every country in the world has a reason for its existance, sadly, Pakistan currently has none!
In brief, I will put the prime blame on 3 entities for the cause of this sorry piece of land called Pakistan.

1- The people of Pakistan and their unsincerity towards the country. Everyone who has had the chance to loot, has done it. ANyone who hasnt, did not get a chance... YET!
2- The constitution of Pakistan and lack of understanding what constitution really is. Nobody knows or understands if the constitution really fits us or not!

3- The people of Pakistan and their unintelligentness.General misunderstanding about the concepts of why did we need a country, how did we get this country, what do we want from this country, where do we want to take this, do we really need religion? do we need democracy? what is happening in the world that may effect us? Basically a lack of good education and knowledge.

I will start with the ones that matter most. What is a country and why do we need governments. What is a constitution. Why we cannot blindly follow democracy. Why the version of Islam is Pakistan is a distortion. All of this will come up here in the diary soon. Stay tuned!

Abdalian Housing Society - 7

Fri, Oct 5, 2007
Abdalian Housing Society - 7

Fri, Oct 5, 2007: It is finished. This is the last diary entry for the house!!!! A little bit of touch ups are required but that will be done in upcoming months. Its been a pleasure writing these diaries and taking pictures :)

Abdalian Housing Society - 6

Tue, Sep 4, 2007
Abdalian Housing Society - 6

Tue, Sep 4, 2007: Much work has been done on the house. Dead center in finishing. We are close! real close!!! Paint work inside has started. Wood work is almost finished. Probably we WILL move in before Ramadan starts! Fingers crossed!! Critical path of the project is PAINT! By the time painters are done, most of the work will be finished and minor tweaking will all be that is left! Hopefully, next diary entry will the last :)

Abdalian Housing Society - 5

Mon, Jul 30, 2007
Abdalian Housing Society - 5

Mon, Jul 30, 2007: The main gate, pillar and the small wicket gate has been erected. Floor polishing work is half complete. On Saturday, we got raw wood to get the wood work started. We got Canadian Dyaar which was spotless and nicely cut. Better than Pakistani Dyaar. The wood looks very strong and would make good doors. Paint people will be in this week to start completing the paint work. Bathroom Jacuzzi tub has been installed and the tiling work in bathroom is now finished. Kitchen tiling and cabinet tiling is done too. Wood work is in progress and the first sample door is done. Inspected the door and gave a green signal to all doors. Security grill work is in full swing too.